Off to a Strong Start—And Now Two New Rewards

We are more than 50% of the way there! The words "thank you" are not enough to express how thrilled and touched we are by the incredible generosity of our project backers who got us off to a roaring start. Backing has come from friends old and new—but we are still very far off from reaching our campaign goal.We feel that no parent should ever be pressured to have their child circumcised. For Jewish families who opt out, brit shalom provides a religiously respectful alternative to circumcision. The book we are hoping to publish will add traction and legitimacy to this ceremony.

One of our goals for the book is to get it into the hands of as many rabbis and synagogue libraries as possible. We’ve recently added two new reward tiers to help accomplish this. For a pledge of $20, we’ll now send a book to a rabbi or synagogue. A $75 pledge allows us to send four books out. Most people who want to help us aren’t parents planning to hold a brit shalom—many aren’t even Jewish. Now, instead of receiving a “coffee table” book, backers can opt to have a book go to where it’s really needed.

For those who’ve already backed our project, we STILL really need your support. Recent changes to social media, especially Facebook, have made it difficult for us to spread the word about our effort. Many of you have valuable connections—personal friends who might be interested in backing us, and private mailing lists. Some of you are bloggers and website managers. Please think creatively about how needed publicity can be brought to this campaign!

Thank you so very much!