Books Gifted to U.S. Rabbis Will Be Matched

Non-circumcising Jewish families will now be able to have a beautiful prayer book of alternative bris ceremonies, thanks our successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign wraps up at 6:00 A.M. Friday—so it's not too late to help us reach our stretch goal of getting our book to U.S. rabbis.
An anonymous donor likes our idea of gifting the book to rabbis and synagogue libraries so much that he has agreed to match all pledges book-for-book from now until the end of the campaign! We have three options for gifting the book (1, 4, and 10 copies) as well as other backer rewards. Help us send a clear message that today's Jewish families are celebrating brit shalom! Funding above our goal will also go to added publicity, e-commerce start-up, and many other endeavors.

Help us show the world just how many people support Jewish ritual choice for families, like mine, that have opted not to circumcise. Please make the last hours of our campaign count by boosting our backer numbers! You can raise our numbers with as little as a $1 pledge and your name doesn't have to be public—just choose an unidentifiable Kickstarter profile name if you wish to be anonymous.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming "Celebrating Brit Shalom" continues to make news. Recent press includes "A New Alternative to Jewish Circumcision," (Ozy, June 29.) Jewish circumcision critic Brian Levitt wore his "Celebrating Brit Shalom" t-shirt during a Huffington Post Live segment on men who resent their circumcision (June 28). Rebecca's op/ed "Considering Brit Shalom?" appeared in the Boulder Jewish News (July 22). We have both just returned from Genital Autonomy 2014 where we spoke about our upcoming book to an audience of fellow activists, the public and reporters.

As our campaign draws to a close, we look forward to keeping you in the loop with future news about "Celebrating Brit Shalom" and the broader Jewish movement to question circumcision. A deep and heartfelt thanks to all who have backed us with pledges large and small.