We're Funded!

We have wonderful news to report! Celebrating Brit Shalom is fully funded and will be available this fall. We look forward to finalizing the book and music, getting rewards to backers, and making the book and songs widely available to meet the ceremonial needs of Jewish families opting out of circumcision.
Each and every one of your contributions represents a step in the right direction for humanity, and we are so grateful. All children deserve a peaceful welcome into the world, and that’s what Celebrating Brit Shalom is all about.

In the Jewish tradition, Elijah is considered to be the angel protector of children. We would like to take this moment to specially recognize our “Elijah backers” thus far—those whose extreme generosity has pushed us over the top before our funding deadline.

So far, our Elijah backers include Brian Levitt, The Barefoot Intactivist, Doctors Opposing Circumcision, T. Campbell Jackson, George Vuckovic of Tilted Planet, and Olivier Zimmermann of Intact Switzerland. Together, these backers are responsible for more than 50% of our funding to date.

Now that we’ve met our Kickstarter goal, we have the opportunity to move into the “stretch funding” phase of our campaign. Meeting our initial goal means the project will go forward. Stretch funding—which can be raised through Kickstarter through July 31st—will help to ensure that Celebrating Brit Shalom is seen by the widest possible audience.

To this end, we’ve added a new reward. For a $180 pledge (“ten chai”) we will send a copy of our book to 10 different rabbis or other officiants from our carefully compiled list. We will only send a book to those officiants whom we’ve contacted first, and who really want a copy. If you have particular officiants in mind, please let us know.

Many of our other rewards are still in place, so please continue to feel free to back us at any level you like. We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support.

We are so excited about being able to put this book and music out into the world!