Celebrating Brit Shalom Book Slated for Spring Publication

Hello friends and backers! We’re checking in to let you know what we’ve been up to since the end of our Kickstarter campaign. For those who supported us and chose a reward, you can expect to receive it shortly before our publication date, now slated for this spring. We’ll keep you in the loop with more specifics as that time nears.  
Even two months after our Kickstarter campaign ended, our project is still getting publicity! Just recently, the Contra Costa Times published a long feature article about Celebrating Brit Shalom. And Lisa Braver Moss continues to blog for The Huffington Post with a new piece on an innovative way to defuse the Jewish circumcision debate.

At the start of our Kickstarter campaign, we planned to bring the book to the public and deliver rewards to backers this October. However, our campaign opened up new opportunities for us. We learned a lot about professional book pre-publicity from one backer in particular, Jennifer Margulis, author of the The Business of Baby. She consulted with us and suggested a publication date further into the future, so that we have time to really get the word out, engage the media, and set up our publicity calendar well in advance.

The funding we received allowed us to upgrade our cover and interior design to the highest professional standards, which is also taking a bit more time. We are now working with the firm Six Penny Graphics and will have a beautiful end result that we can be proud to show the world. We will also be able to have the book professionally copyedited for English, Hebrew, and Hebrew transliteration consistency.

If you missed our official campaign but would still like to get behind our project, several of our most popular rewards are still available through our website. Any funds raised will go toward future book expenses such as sending books to interested rabbis and others free of charge. These include childbirth educators, doulas and lactation consultants who are requesting them.

Finally, another heartfelt thank you to all who made our campaign such a success! The outpouring of support from those who oppose infant circumcision, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, was overwhelming. We’d especially like to acknowledge The Barefoot Intactivist, Doctors Opposing Circumcision, Thomas Campbell Jackson, Brian Levitt, George Vuckovic, and Olivier Zimmermann of Intact Switzerland for their extraordinary generosity.

None of this would be possible without your backing!

With heartfelt appreciation,
Lisa and Rebecca